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returntothepit >> discuss >> NotCommon Records explains it all by Joe/NotCommon on Jan 7,2006 10:39am
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toggletoggle post by Joe/NotCommon   at Jan 7,2006 10:39am edited Jan 7,2006 11:40am

Their debut full length is out now. If you haven't picked it up yet, then check out a tune online and order it.

Check them out Jan 28th with Vital Remains and Feb 4th with Agnosis.

Their debut full length is also available. Split 7" with Northern Liberties coming very soon. Check them out tonight and tomorrow night!

Their debut EP CD is coming in early February, and in case you don't know, this band features original members of Vital Remains. Check them out with Candy Striper Death Orgy in february.

Followup to 2003's The Sound of Modern Hate is finally in the works and in expected for a late march release. Catch Kevorkian's Angels with ID on Friday the 13th.

CT grind noise are planning a full length cd for April/May. Get your helmets ready!

Legendary death metal act will be performing live in Cambridge this May, and that gig will be multi-track recorded, mixed and mastered for a live Deceased record on NotCommon. Stay tuned for more information!

After two arrests, rampant drug use and rumors of murder, Disengaged has decided to reform to spread their vile messages of rape, murder, drugs and self destruction to whoever might listen. New tunes coming this spring/summer.

After splitting up in 2004, Ryan (the frontman of Phantom Limb) has decided to record one of their unreleased songs for the upcoming WorldEater vs NotCommon sampler.

toggletoggle post by richhorrornli at Jan 7,2006 10:50am

toggletoggle post by Sinistas   at Jan 7,2006 11:15am

toggletoggle post by Joe/NotCommon   at Jan 7,2006 11:19am
That Godless Rising logo is huge, which means they are really good and you will buy their cd.

Also, if you are wondering why the Bugs and Rats logo only works sometimes, then you will need to come to the Forest for answers.

toggletoggle post by ryanfromhbbsi at Jan 7,2006 12:00pm

toggletoggle post by Dissector   at Jan 7,2006 2:27pm
Deceased is playing here again in may!!? YES!

toggletoggle post by CNV at Jan 7,2006 2:30pm
That one Sin Of Angels track I heard ruled

toggletoggle post by MikeGore at Jan 7,2006 6:30pm
Fuck yes! Deceased again!

toggletoggle post by RichHorror  at Jan 8,2006 11:48am
Where's the IWEIPH album?

toggletoggle post by Dissector   at Jan 10,2006 10:12pm
RichHorror said:
Where's the IWEIPH album?

haha no response after that one.

toggletoggle post by richhorrornli at Jan 10,2006 10:31pm

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