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returntothepit >> discuss >> Demicrious has a new drummer by brian_dc on Jan 10,2006 4:39pm
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toggletoggle post by brian_dc  at Jan 10,2006 4:39pm

Demiricous is proud to announce Mike Rafferty as the touring drummer for the band. This will be a trial before making him the permanent band member. He has previously drummed for Godbelow and Brand New Sin. He has also recently done drum teching for Trivium. He's a killer guy and a killer drummer. The band is very happy so far. His first show with the band will be the CD release show.

After their release show, the band plan to hit the road! Demiricous will be touring with Himsa, Still Remains, and more! Dates are as follows:

1/24 Emerson Theater Indianapolis, IN (CD release)

w/ Himsa, Ringworm, The Banner:
2/14 Ten Bells Grand Rapids, MI
2/15 Alvin's Detroit, MI
2/16 Forward Hall Erie, PA

w/ Still Remains
3/205/06 dates forthcoming

now, why did I not remember to buy this album today?

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 10,2006 5:11pm
carina knew about this a while ago...
but it was hushhush.
there is another even bigger band that is sans drummer, but it's still on the dl.

toggletoggle post by Blue  at Jan 10,2006 6:02pm
-keeps mouth closed-

toggletoggle post by wade at Jan 10,2006 7:05pm
does something like this need to be hush-hush, I wonder?

and I can't believe someone from Metal Maniacs wrote that pull-quote, about the band being the "fastest thing to come out of Indianapolis since the Indy 500..."

toggletoggle post by mOe nli at Jan 10,2006 7:28pm
me thinks i know what the revs be speakin 'bout

toggletoggle post by spaldino at Jan 10,2006 7:31pm
demiricous is stale. id much rather listen to slayer than this slayer rip off (the song i heard of theirs gave me nothing but slayer vibes)

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 10,2006 8:18pm
I'm talking about "spinal tap"

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