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returntothepit >> discuss >> Digi 001 for sale by handinjury on Jul 17,2004 9:31am
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toggletoggle post by handinjury at Jul 17,2004 9:31am
Digidesign Digi 001 for sale ($800 new)
In excellent condition, about 2 yrs old, used in my home studio,
comes with 6.1 and i will provide 6.1.1 software.
I am willing to transfer the software registration to the buyer's name, so he/she is eligable to take adavantage of tech support and software upgrades thu digidesign. I have original box and owner's manuals and all that jazz.
I will all so throw in the free bomb factory plug-ins allso.

Hardware specs:
2 built in preamps, 6 channel line in's
8 ch. outs
spdif in/out
8ch. adat optical in/out

As seen selling on ebay for $425 - $500.
Im willing to sell for $425.

Any questions, feel free to email me at:

toggletoggle post by handinjury at Jul 18,2004 8:11am

toggletoggle post by powerkok   at Jul 18,2004 11:40am
hey, how does this connect to the computer? firewire? kinda interested because I know with the digi, I can multitrack. and I cant with my audigy.

toggletoggle post by Josh_hates_you  at Jul 18,2004 1:59pm
basicaly it comes with a sound card that you install to your pc then just run the line from the digi to the proper input. it says it has spidf and optical. i imagine those could be used with any device that accepts those i/o.

be aware that there are only 2 preamps in this thing. and the 8 line outs are actualy 2 main/monitor outs and 6 line outs. im sure you could use all 8 as direct outs if that even matters to you but then you need to think of another monitoring soultion.

how is the latency on this? on every other interface it stresses low or zero latency but not this one.

toggletoggle post by handinjury at Jul 19,2004 9:30am
Digi 001 hooks up to pc/mac via pci card.
The lowest latency setting is 128, and there is allso a "low latency monitoring" option.

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