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returntothepit >> discuss >> Everyone, please help your local "the_network" by posting on the gay network's message board! I'm gettin killed here by boobtoucher on Oct 30,2003 5:16pm
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toggletoggle post by boobtoucher  at Oct 30,2003 5:16pm;f=1

I know its gay to register...but these hot topic teenagers are tearing me a new asshole!

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 30,2003 5:27pm
will do later on.

toggletoggle post by Beakey   at Oct 30,2003 5:54pm
I'm trying dude but I'm leaving work right now.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Oct 30,2003 6:52pm edited Oct 30,2003 6:52pm
ok i did and i posted with a different name

i am trying to be PC

not to further piss them off

toggletoggle post by boobtoucher  at Oct 30,2003 7:53pm
you guys are the best!!! Thanx and lets get'em where it hurts!

infidels can blead till they gone

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Oct 30,2003 11:39pm
i just took a look at that message board. those hot topic goons think they are so badass, mouthing off to you like that. there's nothing badass about pop punk. i took a look at green day's site to see what all this fuss is about because i hadn't heard anything about this new network band. i pretty much live in a cave filled with metal and prog cds, so anything going on in the land of pop punk usually misses my radar screen. that really sucks that they stole your name. they probably won't listen to you though. they've put too much money behind the marketing for that name. you'll probably have to change your name like opprobrium did when incubus stole that name. or just keep the name and promote yourself as the real network. that's what i'd do.

toggletoggle post by DeOdiumMortis  at Oct 31,2003 12:08am
Go like new Mayhem and be The_(True)Network. On your logo just insert a tiny "true" on top of the underscore. Or murder the guys from Green Day and steal the documentation that gives them the rights to the name if they actually do.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 31,2003 2:33am
I couldn't get their board to let me log in...

toggletoggle post by asdffdas at Oct 22,2004 4:07pm
boobtoucher said:
http://<B style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66"></B>=forum;f=1

I know its gay to register...but these hot topic teenagers are tearing me a new asshole!


toggletoggle post by phantos   at Oct 23,2004 1:57pm
it seems to be fucking broke...

toggletoggle post by KeithMutiny  at Oct 23,2004 2:02pm
i just tried, no luck here

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